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Christine Eisenberg
America's Discount Realtor®

Real Estate and MLS Facts

More than just a listing!  Our MLS Flat Fee Listing includes:

  • Flat Fee MLS Realtor listing
  • Many other web site listings
  • Expert guidance & consulting from our real estate professionals

While figures fluctuate from year to year and market to market...

On average, Realtors are responsible for 85% of all home sales
4 out of 5 homes sold are listed in the MLS.

What many people don't know is that they can have the benefits of the MLS without paying a high MLS listing commission.

You can take advantage of this powerful advertising medium without paying high commissions to real estate agents with our flat fee MLS listing service!

Get maximum exposure, within days, for your property by purchasing our MLS Flat Fee Listing!

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